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Yoga and Somatic Movement, can help you to increase body awareness, notice where you hold tension and learn to bring mind and body to work in harmony. Trainning yourself to get out of the busy mind, will help you to reconnect with a special and unique part of yourself, which is naturally happy, stress-free, calm and in balance.


FreedOm teaches mixed ability and beginner Yoga classes with somatics influence, in the Gillingham area of Kent and also offers relaxation classes and one to one sessions to suit individual needs.

Somatic Movement
FreedOm teaches Somatic Movement courses in Kent. Each course covers a  different topic. The aim is to learn experientially how the body works and address problem areas. It also offers one to one sessions to target specific individual needs.

Learn to recognise the signs of tension and stress held within your body and mind and through awareness and practice, you will begin to release them , layer by layer, to experience transformation at all levels - physical, mental and emotional. Working from inside out, the body becomes stronger, more flexible and relaxed, emotions move towards balance and the mind finds stillness, resulting in a blissful state of .